Teaching with the STARS—Project Geography Online (GO)

CPE Hours

If you are a teacher in the state of Texas and would like to receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours for the completion of modules, please feel out the survey below.

Part 1: Basic Information

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Agriculture and Water


Precision Agriculture

Tornado Alley

Urban Heat Islands

Water Resources

Part 2: Modules

Please rate the following items found in the modules on a scale of 1 NOT USEFUL to 5 VERY USEFUL

Not Useful (1) to Very Useful (5)

The background information (BOTH)
The content enhancement video (BOTH)
In-class video demonstration video (STARS only)
TPACK and spatial skills embedded in lessons (GO only)
Virtual Professional Learning Community videos (GO only)
Pedagogic Enhancement (Educational Consultant) videos (BOTH)
Links to Strategies and Resources (GO only)

Part 3: General Overview of Geography: Teaching with the Stars and Project GO

Please rate how you feel about the following items from 1 STRONGLY DISAGREE to 5 STRONGLY AGREE

Strongly Disagree (1) to Strongly Agree (5)

Did you find educational value in these online modules?
Are the lesson plans useful as they are?
Do these topics fit into the classes you teach?
Would you share your knowledge of these videos with other teachers?
Would you be likely to revisit and review these materials on the internet?
Will you visit the website and download learning materials?
Do you like the layout of the lesson plans with TPACK, resources and videos embedded throughout?
Do you feel that the VPLC and forum provides a strong community of teachers to discuss new ideas?

Part 4. Open Ended

Please describe five things that you liked about the module you viewed today. This can include any new pedagogical approaches you learned, new content, how you will use this module in your teaching, the format, etc. (If you viewed more than one, please list five for EACH module and specify which module you are referring to in order to receive CPE credit.)

Please describe any new modules you would like to see added? Do you have any other suggestions you would like to add to the modules? Any other suggestions in general?